Spicy Pork Sausage in Winter

Returning home from a cold winter’s day, there is nothing better to warm the soul than with the comfort of a home cooked meal. Especially when you arrive home to shovel yourself out to get into your home. Then you remember earlier that morning you did the exact same thing trying to leave. Welcome to New England weather during a blizzard. A popular tradition since 1976.


As a native to Massachusetts and a life long food lover, a famous meat I hardly if ever turn down regardless how its made is Chourico. It is a well known pork sausage around these parts including our neighbors from Rhode Island. While considered a native meat locally, Chourico originally comes from Portugal. Known for its spicy flavor and taste, the meat is prepared and packaged in a natural casing like hot dogs or pepperoni. 

The red and brown color of the Chourico comes from the significant use of red pepper or paprika which is added to the meat during its preparation. 

Chourico is unique in its creation to Portugal. While possible to prepare the meat in a variety of ways including how mild or spicy the taste, the ingredients and spelling vary by region. For example, in Spain and Mexico, Chorizo is the title and spelling native to these lands. Even more fascinating are the types of ingredients used while readying the meat. Mexican Chorizo has been found to use vinegar in exchange for white wine in the preparation process while Spain uses a type of red pepper native to its land. In parts of South America, cinnamon is another type of ingredient used giving the spicy pork sausage an even more distinct native flavor. 

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👉 Check out your local food shop for Chourico or Chorizo likely found in the meat or international section.

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3 comments on “Spicy Pork Sausage in Winter

  1. […] it’s well known in the South Eastern portion of the state. Please check out this link👉Chourico/Chorizo👈 for a quick read on  this delicious pork […]

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  2. Never heard of it, but I love learning about some new food, even if I know I might not be able to try it…

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