Simply Chourico & Eggs 

Chourico is a famous spiced sausage around Massachusetts. In particular, it’s well known in the South Eastern portion of the state. Please check out my blog, Delicious Spicy Pork Sausage to learn more about this incredible meat. 

Like bacon and ham, chourico or chorizo can be prepared and made in as many ways you can possibly conceive it. 

The more I think how I’m going to make the chourico I left thawing on the kitchen counter since morning, the louder my stomach cries to eat. I wish I had all the necessary ingredients to make a delicious Portuguese Kale soup. Unfortunately, considering the time it takes to prepare and my ever growing hunger, a simple meal like a chourico omlette will work. 

Here is a quick tutorial in making a delicious simple Portuguese Omelette.

I’ll start by grabbing three eggs from the fridge. Feel free to include a slice of cheese for more flavor. I always enjoy fresh provolone but I recommend trying different cheeses until you find your preferred choice. Consider a splash of cream to the mix for a fluffy texture with the eggs or your preferred lactose unless you have an allergic reaction.


If you want to take it a step further, throw in some red and green peppers for the added South American flavor.

With my spicy Chourico cut and ready to be added, I mix all the ingredients consisting of the eggs, and cream in a separate bowl. I have my stove top active and turned to low heat and spray my frying pan with cooking oil. Carefully adding the mixed ingredients to the now warmed frying pan, I enjoy its crackling sound. 

 I let it cook for approximately five minutes when it all comes together and it is nearly done. 

Flipping the eggs as to be cooked evenly on both sides, I proceed to add the final ingredient. Just before I fold the omelette in half, I add the slices of provolone cheese I tore into three. To maintain the cheesy flavor and enhance the overall taste of the omelette, I choose to add it right at the end to maximize the flavor! After that step is complete, I fold the egg in half and the cheese melts in a timely manner. The omelette is now ready. Turn off the stove, grab the fork and plate and its time to get eating.

As always, never stop trying new things and please follow me @ Food & Zen for new content.

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One comment on “Simply Chourico & Eggs 

  1. Jane says:

    Sounds deeelicious! I’m making this omelette.

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