How Sharing A Meal Changed My Life: Part 2

As the day arrived in September with my endocrinologist, I was terrified for its repercussions.  

I had never been required to have an ultrasound until this point, but I will never forget how life changing its results. Sitting arched on the exam table with gel pressed around my neck, it was genuinely awkward and slimy. Even more disturbing was learning I may have cancerous nodules growing around my thyroid. My endocrinologist told me it was imperative I have surgery to remove the entire thyroid gland. Questions flooded my mind. 

How could this happen to me? How can I function without my thyroid? Am I going to die from the cancer? 

Sitting on the exam table listening to the results, I was devastated. With my palms buried in my face, I never cried so hard in my life. Far worse, I had yet to inform my parents waiting outside the office. My mother cried as she and my father were as much at loss for words beyond the console of a hug. Truthfully, my words will never fully express the utter hell of this day. Only the depiction of a nightmare come to life comes close. 

As we drove away from the office, my parents did their best trying to soothe me. Looking at the floor mat, I heard none of it. Some time had passed as we pulled into the lot of an Italian restaurant. My mother ushered me out and walked beside me with my dad following. The hostess seated us near a large glass window overlooking the nearby road. I was so distraught and angered that I struggled to make conversation. My thoughts were bleak and hopeless.

Continue here for Part 3. Thank you for reading Food & Zen.


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