How Sharing A Meal Changed My Life: Part 3

With my parents insistence, I ordered the Surf and Turf from the menu. Normally I would not order that expensive of a meal, but I was not in the mood to challenge. Fresh warm bread was served to our table as I sipped a mixed drink trying to relax. After some time, I experienced a calming moment while eating bread with my family. Possibly the result of alcohol, but personally, it felt more than a buzz. Gratefulness was the best way to put it. 

Cutting into each juicy bite of steak and buttered lobster was quite therapeutic. 

An awful day slowly morphed into resolve over the course of the meal. The more my parents talked while I ate and listened, the better the outlook was for tomorrow. It was in an instant like this the comfort of a meal surrounded by loved ones reminds me how much I value my parents and my life. There is some kind of magic sharing a meal with family to move beyond life’s extraordinary challenges. It is an honorable moment I will never forget. 

Leaving the restaurant as the sun settled, I felt better with myself and my future. I would not let this situation ruin me. Instead, I will focus on the positive impact of the surgery so I may regain balance and control to my health. 

Two months later, I did just that. 

It was a transitional period moving to a new home around the peak of the holiday season. The good news was my surgery was a success. Further assessment from my endocrinologist found I did not have a cancerous nodule as I was previously informed. I found this result disheartening having gone through this emotional drama ridden nightmare. At the heart of it all, I am thankful to be alive and continue to be in much better health. 

As always, never stop trying new things. Even if they are life changing.

Please see A Personal Note for more information. Thank you for reading Food & Zen.


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