Play With Your Eggs, Not Yourself: An Unfortunate Cooking Tale Begins

Put down that bag of pretzel flavored potato chips and hold the dip! 

This reading journey is pure stupidity and my hope is you will read it. Maybe you’ll consider following my blog, Food & Zen, because it must get better the more I write, right? Please have a laugh on me as you enter a fool’s journey in food creation.

I am fairly new to food making cooking thing. In college and to this day, I am a connoisseur of microwave food making and I also enjoying eating out. Having learned little from home cooked meals as a youth, I can only attest that I like to eat. Thank you for that mom. Of course, I can conjure an amazing bowl of the finest cereals known to many supermarket isles, but I have a fridge of food with this foreign word beneath the label. 

Expiration, what is that?

I’m thinking of making scrambled eggs. It seems to be a simple thing to make. What could go wrong? I do not require the internet for help because I’m a man and I can figure it out myself.

Taking three eggs from the fridge, I notice the bacon bits on a nearby shelf. It reads applewood bacon on the front so it must expensive and taste amazing! Looking deep into the center of the fridge, a powerful sensation arises from within. It growled to the depths of my asophagus. I realized it was confidence, the belief and consuming power that with these eggs and bacon bits, I can create the most incredible egg creation ever in the history of egg concoctions. The sprinkle cheese with its parmesan goodness called to me while the garlic sounded amazing with its minced burst of flavor.

To be concluded…Here! It can only get better.

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