California Lovin’: A Food & Zen Review

I was in the mood for breakfast. So, I took a ride over to Persy’s Place of Dartmouth for the afternoon.

Hungry for something simple, my eyes honed in to the California Scrambler. It consisted of three fluffy eggs scrambled with fresh avocado and cheddar cheese to top it off. For an extra charge with the egg whites, I placed my order including sides of home fries and a freshly made fruit cup.

In the short time I had to wait, I found the atmosphere mildly noisy, yet enjoyable.

The waitress was very accommodating from the time I sat until leaving. The temperature was comfortable on the lower humid side with all the air conditioners operational as it was still summer weather. As a result, fewer requests were made for hot coffee.


The meal arrived very hot from the first bite. Eggs were soft and fluffy mixing well with the large ripe pieces of avocado and cheddar cheese. The avocado enhanced the expected little to no flavor of the egg whites while the cheese added a layer of goodness to the dish. Additionally, the fruit cup made of grapes, honey dew melon, and cantaloupe including a side of well cooked crispy home fries were outstanding.

Wait time for the meal was pleasantly short as it was prepared and served in under 20 minutes after making the order.

I heartily recommend Persy’s Place of Dartmouth if you’re thinking breakfast for lunch or possibly earlier. They close for 3:00pm during the week if you’re having a bout of mid-day hunger. Bring a full wallet of cash. Your bill can add up quickly depending on your order.

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4 comments on “California Lovin’: A Food & Zen Review

  1. petra08 says:

    I love a good breakfast and eggs and avocado is a great combination. Even better with some cheese on top, it sounds great 🙂

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